Tampa/Hillsborough County Storytelling Festival

  • September 13, 2013Visit the HCPLC Storytelling Page

    Visit the HCPLC Storytelling Page

    Powerpoint presentations, handouts, checklists, booklists and more await you at the HCPLC's storytelling page. A must for teaching..

  • September 1, 2013Register Youth Tellers Online

    Register Youth Tellers Online

    Teachers and evaluators—now you can register your youth tellers online with our easy form. Of course, you can still download printable..

  • August 19, 2013Featured Teller: Michael Parent

    Featured Teller: Michael Parent

    We are so pleased to announce internationally acclaimed, award-winning author, singer, and storyteller, Michael Parent, as our featured..

  • October 11, 2012Be a Storytelling Festival Volunteer

    Be a Storytelling Festival Volunteer

    The festival needs you! Try out our new online volunteer registration form today to be a part of the Festival Weekend.

    The 34th Annual Storytelling Festival!

    The culminating festival will be held April 26th, 2014, from 9am-4pm at its traditional Tampa home, Hillsborough High School. Enjoy the castle-like atmosphere and architecture of this beautiful, historic high school. Hillsborough High is located at 5000 N Central Ave. in Tampa. The festival is FREE and open to the public. In addition to this year's Featured Storyteller Michael Parent, the festival also presents hundreds of school-aged Festival Quality Storytellers, regional storytellers of all ages, balladeers, puppets, storybook characters, and much much more!

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    Tampa Hillsborough County Storytelling Festival
    c/o City of Tampa Parks & Recreation
    3402 W. Columbus Dr.
    Tampa, FL 33607

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    Hillsborough High School, Home of the 34th Annual Hillsborough County-Tampa Storytelling Festival
    5000 N. Central Ave., Tampa FL 33603

    What the Festival contributes:

    Supporting youth storytellers …

    The Festival placed storytelling resource book collections at all City and County Recreation Centers and Playgrounds. These books are used by the children to select suitable stories for telling. They are especially helpful for children who do not have a library within easy walking distance and who may have little or no book resources at home. (This also aids in the development of reading interest and literacy skills for these children.) There are collections of ready-to-tell stories appropriate for children in inner city settings who may have less “world experience” and coaching/support from parents.A professional storytelling coach visits recreation centers to help leaders and their young storytellers polish their storytelling performances. This teller helps the children better refine their performances and provides them with personal contact with a quality teller.


    hourglass-129 days and counting until the 34th Annual Storytelling Festival is here!

    What they’re saying:


    “This [Festival] is a wonderful opportunity to see and hear storytelling at its best by some terrific young talent. Great job Storytellers!” — Deanna Long, Festival Attendee

    In Memory

    Virginia RiversThe Annual Tampa-Hillsborough County Storytelling Festival is dedicated to the memory of Virginia Rivers